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Monday, September 25, 2006

American ad association turns to PR to stave off "negative headlines"

The American Association of Advertising Agencies has appointed a PR agency GolinHarris to promote its image in the media. There is an interesting post on this in

The image management exercise is believed to be a reaction to various negative coverages on the industry in the media. The advertising fraternity feels that the effect of negative publicity would be felt in board room discussions with clients and also affect marketing budgets, thereby threatening the future of the industry.

Will this work?

1) It will heavily depend on the stories that GolinHarris will pitch to the media. Any industry report, which will be the primary pitches, will have to be credible, and transparent.

2) The Association needs to promote itself as a harbinger of change, not a monolithic body trying to defend its turf. It could do this by talking about new forms of communication, changes in existing forms of communication and the future trends in the industry. If a Microsoft can do it, why can't a communication platform like the Association do the same.

3) Backroom strategies play an equally important role in this game. All the three players in the arena - media, the Association and the PR agency - know how important advertising revenue is for the sustenance of media itself. The PR agency will require to do a lot of relationship building exercises.

What do you think?


  • An advertsing association signing up a PR agency for image management only goes to show the credibility of PR as a tool of communication. It wud be really interesting to work on this kind of an assignment and there wud be gud no. stories that can happen in both print and electronic.

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